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“Code Welding has been a model supplier to work with over the years. They have completed a significant amount of work for Quest Engineering and always meet our expectations with delivery, quality welds, and customer service. We especially value the communication Code Welding offers as a key supplier and how easy it is to correspond with them about ordering, scheduling, and verification.” – Code Welding Customer

“Code Welding is outstanding! I have had the pleasure of working with Code Welding for three plus years and have been thoroughly impressed with their quality of work, tracking of open projects, communication, and ability to go “above and beyond” to meet our expectations. The team at Code Welding is friendly, helpful, efficient, and incredibly responsive. I would recommend Code Welding for your next welding project, big or small!” – Code Welding Customer

“I have been working with Code Welding for several years. With each passing year, they continue to only get better. Customer service, attention to detail, capacity expansion and above quality production/fabrication is never in question when sending work to Code. They do not over promise and under deliver; which is key to our business’ success in terms of meeting expectation and delivery dates. I will continue to partner with Code in an effort to expand our business and impress our clientele.” – Code Welding Customer

“We have continued to challenge Code Welding on a regular basis with new designs and unrealistic dead lines for which they some how always seem to meet. Their willingness to increase efficiencies and decrease costs by investing within, has established a partnership that will continue to grow well into the future. We expect a lot out of vendors and Code has helped us become who we are today!” – Code Welding Customer

“Code welding has done a significant amount of work for us over the past two years by providing a quality weldment to meet our requirements. Code Welding has invested in people and equipment to insure that quality is built into their production. With short lead times and high quality expectations, Code Welding has performed excellently.” – Code Welding Customer

“We have been working with Code Welding since September of 2007.  They are not afraid of taking on new challenges and are very willing to grow and adapt to their customers.  As a newly established vendor they rank at the top of the list with their quality and competitiveness.” – Code Welding Customer

“Your innovative ideas to make our parts easier to manufacture are always appreciated. The scariest thing for a manufacturer is to give up control of making its own parts. I can truly say that when we give you orders, we are at ease and have no worries about quality.” – Code Welding Customer

“Getting parts on time and quotes that represent accurate materials used to be what I considered just normal business practices. Code Welding is looking better every day as they are beginning to make the “old” normal look more and more like the “new” extraordinary!” – Code Welding Customer

“The quality you put forth in making our items is second to none. Couple this with your on-time delivery and it equates to a smooth flow back to our organization.” – Code Welding Customer