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Core Competencies


Code Welding & Mfg. Inc. is an industry leader in regards to welding.  Both our experience and knowledge of welding have set a platform for continued growth for Code Welding.  From gas and wire selection, to material preparation and processing you can be assured that Code Welding & Mfg. Inc. will review your requirements thoroughly.  The discipline of welding to code requirements (AWS D1.1, D1.2, D1.6, TACOM, ASME) has brought success and growth in mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, armor plate, A514/T1 and various other materials.



Code Welding & Mfg. Inc. has increased our efficiency through automation in our sawing equipment.  A CNC automated saw allows us to program multiple cut criteria for speed, high accuracy and repeatability.  We also have a manual saw and other small pieces of cutting equipment that can support other demands our customers may have.  Our ability to program mitering at 90 degree, 45 degree and 30 degree further eliminates other independent setups.



Code Welding & Mfg. Inc. supports our customers by producing high quality machined parts. Many of the parts that are produced by both the vertical and horizontal milling machines, make their way to a weldment provided by Code Welding. Other parts are produced to our customers specifications. This expertise to machine and modify parts has continued to offer our customers that one stop shop they are looking for when selecting a supplier.



Code Welding & Mfg. Inc. has utilized our ongoing strength and expertise in forming.  Similar to welding, the ability to be exceptional in this area is greatly dependent on the knowledge of our personnel.  The ability to not only know our equipment, but the knowledge of how different materials respond to forming is the expertise you will be provided with at Code Welding.  It would be our pleasure to assist you with specific piece parts or participate in assemblies which must be formed and function in concert with one another.



shearingCode Welding & Mfg. Inc. is about efficiency.  The ability to hasten the fabrication process through shearing materials to size is of great benefit to our customers.  This can potentially eliminate the need for lasered or plasma cut products, reducing the turnaround time and cost associated with it.  Code Welding can shear up through ¼” and a bed length of 10 feet.  Through proper maintenance and care of equipment, clean material edges can be expected for sheared materials.



rollingCode Welding & Mfg. Inc has used rolling very effectively as one of our core competencies.  The ability to roll materials of various widths, lengths and profiles accentuates our other capabilities in how we serve our customers. Call Code Welding should you have any requirements such as tanks, housings rings, flattening, etc.


Kitting & Processing

Kitting-ProcessingCode Welding & Mfg. Inc brings extensive value through the kitting process of our customers products. No matter what extent-it is our customers that matter and we are here to access and support their specific requirements.



Tube Bending

Tube bendingWhether railing for entertainment and safety or tube and pipe for OEM applications, Code Welding & Mfg. Inc. offers this core competency expanding our already diverse and deep fabrication expertise. “Welded Assemblies” is who we are!